HTML documents preview within Lokalise
for translators, editors and managers

See the document during translation and before download
with a free open-sourced browser extension.

Install via Chrome Web Store →

Interactive preview of translations within the layout

Responsive documents could be checked by resizing the preview screen.
Supports multiple monitors.

Edit HTML attributes without searching for them or breaking code

Attributes supported: title, alt, placeholder, href, src.

Check translated documents before download

Privacy: no personal or usage data is collected or stored

This browser extension does not collect, send or store any usage information at all.

Live preview of documents requires information exchange with Lokalise API:

  • stores an API token locally in a browser (removed after when extension is removed or browser data is cleaned),
  • collects project params (project ID, filename and target language ID) from the project URL and removes after the tab is closed,
  • sends a request via proxy to get a language ISO code from the ID,
  • sends a request via proxy to fetch and decompress a document preview.

All data exchanged and received to proxy is encrypted with HTTPS and transferred inside the requrest body only.

No data is stored or cached on the proxy web worker level, see the source code and Cloudflare documentation.